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Research Associate/Assistant

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Tokyo, Japan

Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

Successful candidates for these positions should have a background and understanding of using EEGs (either multimodal wearable EEGs or conventional EEGs) in affective, cognitive or computational neuroscience.
Proficiency in IoT, database, XR, or fMRI analyses using SPM skills will be a plus.
Interests in one of the following would be necessary: human cognition (attention and working memory), interoception, affective disorders (depression) or developmental disorders (ADHD/ASD).


  • Candidates must have strong capabilities in one or more of the following disciplines – EEG, signal processing, cognitive, affective, or computational neuroscience.

  • Key programming languages and software: Matlab (SPM, EEGLAB)/Python or C#; SPSS (or Prisma), GitHub

About the Company

In a close collaboration with the Digital Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the Hiroshima University (led by Dr Maro Machizawa, also a CEO of Xiberlinc), we are developing thriving neuroscientific technologies bridging cutting-edge genuine neuroscience to the community in the real world. New members will benefit from the expertise of collaborators, post-doctoral and graduate students and a proven track record of expertise in academia-industry collaborations.

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