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cyber digital brain and brainwave


CEO Maro Machizawa Xiberlinc



Captivated by the mechanisms of how the brain works on our awareness, Maro spent 20+ years studying the human mind and brain functions in cognitive neuroscience to clinical psychology in UK (at University College London--became the 1st Japanese awarded a PhD at the UCL Institute of Neurology), USA (at University of Oregon, University of Virginia, and Brown University), and Japan (RIKEN & Hiroshima University). Through years of academic-industry collaborations, he has been developing cutting-edge applied neuroscientific tools for attention, memory, learning, and integrative state of mind ('Kansei', in Japanese). As young as a master's student, he has developed the world's most cited EEG (ERP) neural correlates of attention, and memory appeared in Nature. Keeping a bond with academia for reliable science, Maro is a PI for a national Moonshot Project Goal 9 project as Associate Professor at Hiroshima University (a Top 10 University in Japan).



Being a tech geek from a young age, Chris Covert has spent his 20+ year career across cybersecurity, software product development, business strategy, and operations technology and financial services sectors at Symantec, Tenable, PwC, Booz Allen Hamilton, KPMG, and AppGuard in both Japan and the US. He is a Cybersecurity expert, an IT Generalist, a proven Product Manager, a business consultant and an expert on operations management in Tech. He believes that security and privacy are critical -- but that the sense of wonder and exploration he grew up with are just as necessary. He joined Xiberlinc in order to develop the operational side as well as help the company take new products to market and develop its portfolio strategy.

CTO COO Chris Covert Xiberlinc
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